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* 29.10.2008

- HD A/A, ED 0/0, 75 cm and 83 kg
- mother of our litter Y (12 puppies), E2 (13 puppies), J2 and N2

Winner of Middle and East Europe 2012
World dog show 2012 - winner of champion cl.
World dog show 2011 - winner of champion class
CZech veteran champion
Slovak grandchampion
Czech grandchampion
Champion CMKU
Champion of Luxembourg
Champion of Czech republic
Champion of Slovak republic
Champion of Poland
Club champion of Moloss club CZ
Club champion of Slovakia Moloss club
Slovak juniorchampion
Czech juniorchampion
Juniorchampion of Hungary

Sofia participated in 6,5 months on prestigious show in Spain - Especial Razas Espanolas in Talavera de la Reina and got valuation very promising 1, BEST PUPPY (in competition of 7 puppies). As adult She was on prestigious show in Madrid, where she got CACIB - Best female of the Breed. In Barrios de Luna in Spain was place on 2nd place in very numerous open class.

- Club winner of Moloss club CZ 2012 + BOB
- Club winner of Moloss club CZ 2011 + BOB
- Club winner of Moloss club 2010
- Club winner of KMDDP 2010 + BOB
- Club winner of Slovakia Moloss club 2012 + BOB
Victory Winner 2011, Best of Queen, , Grand Prix Slovakia Winner 2010, Derby Winner 2009, Young club winner Hungary + res. BIS Junior, Young club winner Sk + Best junior, Centennial Young winner Austria, Jugendbester
- BIS VETERAN, BIS 3, 6x Best junior, 20x BOB, 19x CAC, 4x CWC, 13x CACIB, 3x CAJC, 46 x excellent

Sofie is daughter of our the most show successful female Lois. Her father is our Druso, imported from Spain and coming from famous line Trashumancia.
Sofie has lot of skin, perfect angulations, very strong bones, beautiful movement. She is very active and playful. Sofie is great mother and she really loves her puppies.
Children of Sofia are also very successful on shows, son Ydalgo only in 12 months became European Junior Winner + BOB, in nearly 2 years He got also title World Winner + BOB, daughter Ysis in 9 months became Best junior of special show in Spain, son El Torro and daughter Europa are both European junior winners, Europa is also European winner. Sofia together with her descendants were in Spain 2x chosen as the best breeding group of show. Sofia is mother of 6 interchampions and her children received 51 titles of champions and juniorchampions.
At the age of 9 years Sofia participated on World dog show and gained title World veteran winner and BOB veteran. She repeated success of her mother Lois, who won the same title 2 years ago on World dog show in Italy.
At the age of 11 years Sofia is healthy and nobody would tell, she is so old. She is in excellent shape, healthy, perfectly movable and great guarding.

11 years

with daughter Europa 11 years with daughter Emily
10 years, with granddaughters
and great-granddaughters
10 years
9,5 years playing, 9,5 years

World veteran winner 2017

9 years Best veteran of all special
show of Moloss clubu Cz
8,5 years 8 let - Sofia is still active :-)
8 years firstly in veteran class (7,5 years) - 4th best veteran of show
with daughter Noble Victoria 7 years 7 years in forest
6,5 years 6,5 years, with daughter Europa still beautiful Sofia
6,5 years with Nalon Sofia and mountains of Leon in 6 years on show in Spain
with daughter Europa and grandson Kimbo
in Spain with Dali and grandmother Maja 5,5 years
5 years with puppies from litter N2 with puppies from litter N2 5 years
Sofia with daughter Jackie Tornádo Erben Sofia on the beach Sofia + children Ydalgo and Europa
best breeding group
of all show - SPAIN
Sofia and son Ydalgo
2nd best couple of club
show in SPAIN
Sofia (on the left)
Barrio de Luna - SPAIN
with son Ydalgo May 2012
3,5 years
3,5 years 3 years, with Dali Education of children with puppies
in Spain 2,5 years 2,5 years with Tereza
2,5 years BOB on International show 2 years Sofia and Nalon
Sofia and litter Y 2 days before delivery in Italy in Italy
19 months on the show 18 months 14 months, with mother 13,5 months
13,5 months 13,5 months 13 months with puppies from litter U 7,5 months, in Spain
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Sofie - Best puppy on show
in SPain
in Spain 5,5 months with father Druso
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5 months 5 months 3 months 3 months 12 weeks
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11 weeks 8,5 weeks 8 weeks 27 días 1 day

Pedigree (for enlargement click on the photo)

Druso de la Aljabara
import Spain

Arroyo de Laciana
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Jorgito de Trashumancia
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Pizarro de Trashumancia
Conga de Trashumancia
Sombra de Trashumancia Sultan de Trashumancia
Lolin de Trashumancia
Bohemia de la Aljabara
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Rivera de Trashumancia Tigrin de Trashumancia
Roja de Trashumancia
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Rosaura de Trashumancia Quiel
Titin de Trashumancia

Lois Tornádo Erben

Basil Mastifland
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Davidof von Haus vom Steraldted
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Anka del Halconero
Ida FI - IT
World winner
Adore Baghira
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Hata FI - IT
Florita Maja Tornado Erben
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Druso de la Aljabara
import Spain
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Arroyo de Laciana
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Bohemia de la Aljabara
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Cica Ha-La-Mü Bero Espanol Arcita
Alba Pasecký kout